Monday, April 11, 2016

Preparing for WISDOM

What does it take to prepare for Camp WISDOM for 400+ kids who are 10,000 miles away and with only 11 team members? LOTS of WISDOM!!!! And lots of help here and local help there.
Rain Stick

One of our challenges - doing crafts. They love the crafts we do with them. They don't have art in schools. The kids don't have access to arts and crafts materials. Most kids don't even know how to use scissors.

We have limited luggage space and weight to carry materials over there to use. Most of the supplies that we need are not easily available there.

We want the crafts to relate to and reinforce the lesson that we do each day. We design crafts that are light weight and don't take a lot of room. We pre-cut everything. If the project can't be pre-cut, we don't do it. We have to also consider the abilities of first graders versus seventh graders in being able to color and assemble projects. We only do crafts 3 days with the 1st and 2nd graders. We do them every day with all of the older kids.

This year, our lessons are about Noah and the ark. On the day that we talk about the rains and the flood, we will make rain sticks. This craft will take a little more skill than some others, so we will do this one only with the older kids. We will only be preparing 280 of this craft!

Our team will pre-cut strips of fabric, paper, ribbon, and cord. We will take card stock to make the tube. After we arrive in Zambia, we will buy rice and beans to go inside the stick. Then, one evening while we are there, the team will put together the tubes, fill them, and secure them - ready for the kids to decorate!

The CHILDREN of WISDOM will have a great time decorating these Rain Sticks and playing with them at home!

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