Sunday, January 07, 2018

LVING WELL Team Leaves for Zambia

On January 9th, the Zambia Mission team leaves. We will return on January 23.

Ed & Donna Edwards and John & Darla Holinsworth will spend the trip ministering at WISDOM Christian School.

The containers sent last fall have arrived - full of computer equipment, books, and school supplies.

The team will set up a computer lab with 10 computers for the CHILDREN of WISDOM.

The school year normally starts in January but this year, the government has postponed the opening of school until February. The team will assess the needs of the school and acquire the necessary resources for the new school year.

With the completion of Classroom Building #3, the school will add a kindergarten class in the one of the rooms of the new building. The team will supply furnishings for that classroom, as well as for the computer lab.

The area has had an abundance of rain during this year's rainy season, making it hard to get out to the school. The area does not have any paved roads to get all the way to the campus.

Please pray for:
  1. Safety for the team and good health
  2. Wisdom and skill in putting together the computer lab
  3. Success in acquiring needed resources
  4. Good weather so the team can get to the school
Thank you for your prayers!