Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obstacles in Marriage, Tanzania

During each of our Pastoral Family Enrichment Conferences in east Africa, we give them a chance to discuss the challenges in having a successful marriage. Most countries express the same obstacles which the pastors in Morogoro shared this year.

When asked to detail the obstacles in marriage in Tanzania, they said:
  1. Male dominance (this issue rose to the top time after time)
  2. Customs, culture, and traditions: the people don’t know biblical principles, leaders have marital problems and don’t model godly marriage
  3. Traditions don’t encourage closeness with wife, don’t eat together, etc.
  4. Lack of biblical teaching about marriage in churches, not enough emphasis on marriage, more focused on evangelism.
  5. Poverty, Unemployment: husbands and wives transfer from region to region to find work and they are divided by their jobs.
Donna Edwards, Nickson Kalinga, and Ed Edwards teaching at Pastoral Enrichment Conference
Morogoro, Tanzania